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LILARDIA : an indigenous Australian term for "flower"

Whether you are a Purchaser, Supplier or Financier, our vision is to connect you with your business world. We deliver an effective, interactive platform to secure your short-term business financing problems, freeing you up to achieve the best results for your organization.

LILARDIA : an indigenous Australian term for "flower"

Services we offer to blossom your Business into the Reality you once imagined

Lilardia Capital Marketplace

Lilardia Capital payables automation and financing service platform on a pay as you go subscription

Lilardia Capital Platform

Unified platform for supply-chain management and financing

Lilardia Capital Platform Financial Solution

A suite of treasury management tools creating transparent workflow, generating trust in the supply-chain
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We listen, solve and deliver with trust

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Join the Lilardia Platform

  • A digital, domestic and cross border platform
  • Facilitates invoice payment processing and invoice financing workflows
  • Assisting corporates and SME’s to collaborate with financial institutions, family trusts, fund managers
  • Automated, transparent and auditable platform utilizing the latest technology including machine learning and block chain
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How our goals align with yours

Discover how Lilardia capital as a market place and an enterprise application software provider helps you with blossoming your business into the reality once imagined.

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