Who We Are

Lilardia Capital is both a market place and an enterprise application software provider to Financial institutions, Corporates, Small and Medium Size (SME) and Micro Businesses.

Our goals are:

Improve & Grow Businesses of All Sizes

To improve and grow businesses of all sizes around the world. We provide a treasury management system which enables businesses to connect with their suppliers, financiers, payment and accounting systems.

Connect Transparently & Digitally

Our applications and services enables our customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously enabling financiers, purchasers and suppliers to connect transparently and digitally.

Assist Global & Local Financiers

Our mission is to assist ethically responsible global and local financiers and to help them transact with purchasers and suppliers around the world..

Guide Purchasers, Suppliers & Financiers

Lilardia Capital will guide purchasers, suppliers and financiers through the easy to use invoice management and financing process . Our marketplace ensures the suppliers are able to choose the most favourable possible rates and options for early finance for their invoice.

Provide Leading Solutions to a Wide Variety of Clients

Based in Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka the team is able to provide leading solutions to a wide variety of clients.

In the coming weeks we will provide more details about our exciting global partners, advisory board members and management.

Meet & Greet Us
We will have a soft launch at the Asian Banker Conference in Bangkok in late May.

Bring all your question. We are excited to meet you there!