What We Offer

Frictionless Supply-Chain Financing

  • If you are a purchaser, we supply a direct, online invoice and cash flow management system.
  • If you are a supplier, you can easily monitor whether your invoices have been accepted and paid.
  • If you are a financier, you now have access to a global network of business opportunities.
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Monitor your invoice acceptance and payment

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Online invoice and cash flow management

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Global network of business opportunities

Effective Interactive Platform

  • Connects you to the global business population
  • Enabled you to take decisions and make approvals on the move
  • Access to information anywhere, anytime
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Create Harmonious Relationships between the Supplier, Purchaser and Financier

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For Purchasers

Streamline your payment obligations by automatically managing your payables portfolio and making your cashflow predictable.

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For Suppliers

Open up a range of supply chain funding with immensely reduced friction and much faster turnaround time.

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For Financiers

Greater investment opportunities in supply chain spectrum.

Optimise Benefits with Machine Learning & Blockchain Utilized Platform

Make informed decisions and optimise benefits with data ingestion and analytic techniques offered by our automated, transparent and auditable platform. Elevate your business process by utilizing cutting-edge technologies including machine learning and blockchain.

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Lilardia Capital Marketplace

Lilardia capital payables automation and financing service platform

  • Purchaser centric financing
  • Total treasury management system
  • Offers payables & receivables management
  • Pay as You Go subscription
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Common Infrastructure with partitioned communities
  • Robust credit engine
  • Trust & security
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Lilardia Capital Platform

Unified platform for supply-chain management and financing

  • Purchaser and supplier centric financing
  • Offers financing platform
  • Monthly payed Usage License
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Dedicated Infrastructure (Cloud)
  • Credit Modelling
  • Invoice Registration
  • Total treasure management system
  • Offers payables & receivables management
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